Attorney of the Danish High Courts, Partner

Mette Vestergaard Huss

Tel +45 30 10 39 22
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Mette Vestergaard Huss specialises in data protection, IP law and tech.

The topics are plentiful but when it comes to rights Mette Vestergaard Huss is particularly experienced in SaaS, PaaS, and IT operation and development agreements, and she has specialist knowledge of the sales and production conditions of the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and plastics industries. As a supplement to the day-to-day advice to clients, Mette has taught marketing law and IP law at CBS for more than 10 years.

In respect of GDPR Mette advises on general compliance. Mette also acts as DPO and regular advisor to a number of clients and she manages a large number of whistleblower hotlines.

Mette has particularly great insight into the challenges faced by associations, and as a result she assists such associations as a trusted advisor. It may be an appointed management, articles of association, GDPR, directorships, etc.

Mette’s advisory approach to all matters is pragmatic, commercial and solution-oriented. She combines this approach with a high degree of structure, and she implements projects in the clients’ organisations based on the approach that good management ensures the best solution in all contexts.

In addition to her daily work as an attorney, Mette is also an appointed judge of the Danish Court of Impeachment.

Mette speaks English and the Scandinavian languages.

Work experience

2018 –Skau Reipurth Advokatpartnerselskab
2014 – 2018SIRIUS advokater
2011 – 2014Hannes Snellman Law Firm
2007 – 2011Accura Law Firm

Educational background

2019Right to appear before the Danish High Courts
2010Admission to practise law
2007Master of Laws, the University of Copenhagen

  • Judge, the Danish Court of Impeachment, appointed for the period 2020 – 2026
  • Member of the Danish National Tax Tribunal, appointed for the period 2016 – 2022
  • External lecturer, the Copenhagen Business School


  • The Legal 500

    Legal 500 (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024)

    Skau Reipurth is particularly active in individual data protection and HR-specific data privacy issues, as well as large GDPR compliance projects. The team also represents employers and employees in data-related employment litigation. (…) leads the group alongside Mette Vestergaard Huss, who has a strong track record in assisting non-corporate associations, NGOs, worker’s unions and other volunteer and political organisations with data privacy matters.

    The data privacy and personal data department at Skau Reipurth has a unique client base that primarily consists of associations, worker’s unions and other non-corporate entities. The team is adept at handling risk analyses and compliance set-ups and has particular expertise in HR-specific data privacy issues. Mette Vestergaard Huss (…) jointly lead the team.

    Led by Mette Vestergaard Huss, Skau Reipurth‘s team handles risk analyses and compliance issues for associations and corporates, in addition to acting as external DPOs and GDPR compliance officers for domestic companies. Huss is particularly adept at advising NGOs, political organisations and worker’s unions (…)

    Mette Vestergaard Huss stand out as a committed and energetic partner. She contributes outside the field of law with a zest for the commercial exceeding the standard in the market.

    Skau Reipurth is well versed in handling full risk analyses and compliance set-ups, alongside acting as external official DPO and GDPR compliance officer for large corporations in Denmark. Mette Vestergaard Huss is known for advising NGOs, worker’s unions and other volunteer and political organisations.

    I worked with Mette Vestergaard Huss. I believe she stands out with her preparation and the way she listened. She was very good at explaining the issues in a “down to earth” way – not using to many lawyer expressions that makes things hard to understand.

    We have been using Mette Vestergaard Huss for several years now, and are always extremely happy with her and her insights and understanding of our company combined with her in-depth knowledge of technology and data protection. I also want to add that Mette always is a pleasure to work with.

    Our collaboration has been of great value for our company, especially because of Mette Huss’ great knowledge and her solution-oriented approach to solving the challenges we present to her.