GDPR and Personal Data

Skau Reipurth advises businesses, foundations and associations in relation to compliance with the GDPR and the general data protection rules.


We have extensive experience with large compliance projects as well as day-to-day consultation which involves providing answers to specific questions and easily accessible advice. We advise all types of member associations and organisations as well as commercial businesses irrespective of industry.

Several clients have appointed Skau Reipurth as external data protection office and to others, we act as associated data protection adviser. This association ensures a strong relation, and besides obtaining detailed knowledge of the client’s situation, we are always available for guidance.

We often provide advice in the cross fields between data protection law and marketing law and on data protection in IT matters in relation to operations and development projects.

Whistleblowing scheme
Skau Reipurth also assists companies, associations, etc. in establishing and managing whistleblowing schemes, both internally managed schemes and schemes administered entirely by us in our capacity as an independent third party.

Read more about our whistleblowing scheme here.

Our services include

  • Compliance of associations, foundations and businesses
  • Risk analyses
  • Drafting and implementation of documentation and privacy policies
  • Privacy policies and cookie policies
  • Consent texts
  • Freelance and consulting agreements
  • Conflict management and negotiations
  • Handling of data breach and access requests
  • Use of photos, videos and podcasts
  • Acting as DPO
  • M&A and reoganisations


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Christine Børglum Sørensen

Assistant Attorney

Mette Vestergaard Huss

Mette Vestergaard Huss

Attorney of the Danish High Courts, Partner


  • The Legal 500

    Legal 500 (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024)

    Skau Reipurth is particularly active in individual data protection and HR-specific data privacy issues, as well as large GDPR compliance projects. The team also represents employers and employees in data-related employment litigation. (…) leads the group alongside Mette Vestergaard Huss, who has a strong track record in assisting non-corporate associations, NGOs, worker’s unions and other volunteer and political organisations with data privacy matters.

    The data privacy and personal data department at Skau Reipurth has a unique client base that primarily consists of associations, worker’s unions and other non-corporate entities. The team is adept at handling risk analyses and compliance set-ups and has particular expertise in HR-specific data privacy issues. Mette Vestergaard Huss leads the team.

    Led by Mette Vestergaard Huss, Skau Reipurth‘s team handles risk analyses and compliance issues for associations and corporates, in addition to acting as external DPOs and GDPR compliance officers for domestic companies. Huss is particularly adept at advising NGOs, political organisations and worker’s unions, and associate Natasha Lerche is a data protection compliance specialist.

    Skau Reipurth is well versed in handling full risk analyses and compliance set-ups, alongside acting as external official DPO and GDPR compliance officer for large corporations in Denmark. Mette Vestergaard Huss is known for advising NGOs, worker’s unions and other volunteer and political organisations.

    I worked with Mette Vestergaard Huss. I believe she stands out with her preparation and the way she listened. She was very good at explaining the issues in a “down to earth” way – not using to many lawyer expressions that makes things hard to understand.

    We have been using Mette Vestergaard Huss for several years now, and are always extremely happy with her and her insights and understanding of our company combined with her in-depth knowledge of technology and data protection. I also want to add that Mette always is a pleasure to work with.

    Our collaboration has been of great value for our company, especially because of Mette Huss’ great knowledge and her solution-oriented approach to solving the challenges we present to her.