Internal Investigations

Skau Reipurth assists private businesses and public authorities in carrying out internal investigations for the purpose of in-depth clarifications of specific internal courses of events.


We provide assistance with all types of legal investigations, including interviews with relevant persons, businesses’ handling of potential violations and handling of regulatory requirements.

In addition, we assist with drafting and implementation of internal policies, codes of practice, risk management, staff training, etc.

Assisting with internal investigations in many legal areas, we also conduct inter-disciplinary internal investigations which focus on the problems which the client wishes to identify.

Skau Reipurth always recommends that you contact us for an assessment of whether an internal investigation will be the most appropriate solution for your organisation. In such case, we will inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of such an investigation.

Our services include

  • All types of legal investigations
  • Witness statements from or interviews with the persons relevant to the investigation
  • The company’s handling of reputational risks related to the alleged violations, including handling of regulatory requirements (for instance the Danish WEA)
  • Drafting and implementation of internal policies, codes of practice, risk management and compliance strategies
  • Training of employees and others in relation to compliance with relevant codes of practice and internal guidelines


Frederik Kromann Jespersen

Frederik Kromann Jespersen

Attorney of the Danish Supreme Court, LL.M, Partner