Social Responsibility

Skau Reipurth takes social responsibility at all times. This approach is evident in different contexts – internally as well as externally.

We promote a culture where we give each other the space needed to engage in non-profit causes, helping others when it matters.

At the same time, we are involved in various organisations and have launched a number of initiatives that support “the good cause”.

What we support



In 2023, Skau Reipurth has initiated a collaboration with Gadejuristen – a non-profit organisation driven by donations, commitment, and government grants from the Danish finance law. Gadejuristen provides free outbound legal counselling to vulnerable citizens, ensuring that they receive the support they are entitled to. Gadejuristen’s experience shows that their work helps motivating vulnerable citizens to live a more meaningful life.

Skau Reipurth assists with donations for specific purposes and provides free legal counselling within an agreed framework. In addition, we regularly send one of our employees “out on the streets” – together with Gadejuristen – to help vulnerable citizens to know their rights.

Read about Gadejuristen here.


Next Generation Award

Skau Reipurth’s Next Generation Award is an acknowledgement of young and dedicated persons who early in their career have excelled in their area of expertise and who have created remarkable results in an early age because of their high professional standards, willpower and level of ambition.

Skau Reipurth’s Next Generation Award is given to persons across industries – e.g. to a person, a team or an association. The criterion is that the award recipient is in the beginning of his og hers career and reflects professional standards, dedication and results. Always.

Below, you will find the persons who have been given the award.

Read about the Next Generation Award here.


FAIR Danmark

For a number of years, we have collaborated with FAIR Denmark – a voluntarily run organisation that works to bridge the digital divide between industrialised and developing countries by equipping schools in poor areas with complete IT solutions that help to increase the benefits of the education.

Every time, Skau Reipurth has IT equipment that is outdated or worn out according to the firm’s requirements and standards, we therefore donate it to FAIR Denmark, which then distributes it to various causes.


In 2021, we donated 31 computers and a projector to the charity Stella Charity.

The computers were donated to the Cristo Rey school, which houses 110 students aged 5-16. They all live in poverty and come from the lowest social class in Colombia. The computers are the school’s newest and best IT equipment ever and will be used to raise the children’s educational level, and especially to prevent teenage pregnancy.


In 2020, we donated 20 computers and a series of monitors to one of the world’s poorest countries, Malawi. Here, they were used in a school and improved the level of education provided to the children.

Over time, donations of IT equipment will help students become more familiar with information technology, which is a fundamental prerequisite for development in terms of democracy, education and health.