White-collar Crime

On the basis of many years of experience from the Danish Prosecution Service and teaching criminal law and criminal procedure, Skau Reipurth assists and provides advice to Danish and international businesses in matters relating to violation of criminal law and special legislation.


We also assist businesses that have been subject to a crime with the handling of such crime in respect of the authorities, the press, employees and management.

We assist in matters where a business, its employees or its management risk being held liable in damages and/or held criminally liable for the breach of special legislation or the Criminal Code.

Our services include

  • Advising management and employees on matters related to charges, filing of charges, fine notices and any claims for damages
  • Handling and co-operating with relevant authorities
  • Advising on internal and external communication strategies
  • Assisting in preventing further violations
  • Attending in court proceedings related to the breach of special legislation or the Criminal Code
  • Appearing in court proceedings related to claims for damages
  • Handling defamation cases


Claus Ryberg Hoffmann

Claus Ryberg Hoffmann

Attorney of the Danish High Courts, Partner

Frederik Kromann Jespersen

Frederik Kromann Jespersen

Attorney of the Danish Supreme Court, LL.M, Partner