Head of IT

Mikkel Bøggild Boderskov

Tel +45 20 42 00 00
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Mikkel Bøggild Boderskov is part of the IT department at Skau Reipurth and works with contracts, infrastructure and user support.

Mikkel has many years of experience in IT, where he has worked with cloud and hosting solutions, operations, project management, telephony, etc.

Mikkel most recently comes from the construction industry, where he has worked as an IT operations manager responsible for operations – including network, server platform, cloud solution, purchasing, hardware and software, support function, etc. Mikkel also has 9 years of experience as a system administrator from a law firm.

Mikkel speaks English and the Scandinavian languages.

Work experience

2023 –Head of IT, Skau Reipurth Advokatpartnerselskab
2021 – 2023IT Operations Manager, HusCompagniet
2016 – 2021IT Consultant, HusCompagniet
2014 – 2016IT Project Manager, BWT
2013 – 2014Operations Consultant, Mindzet
2008 – 2013System Administrator, Horten
2003 – 2008IT support, Horten

Educational background

2004Technical School, Ballerup. IT support