Skau Reipurth appoints experienced CEO


We are proud to announce that Kjeld Rask will join Skau Reipurth as CEO on 1 November 2020.

Kjeld Rask has extensive experience from the legal profession, where he has been CEO of Horten for the past 16 years. Before that he was with Deloitte for 16 years where he, for a number of years, was a partner.

Attorney and partner Peter Skau-Andersen says:

The reason that Skau Reipurth has grown so significantly for a long period of time is, among other things, because new partners have joined, and they have all contributed to the consolidation of the position as one of Denmark’ leading law firms within our strategic focus areas. Consequently, the appointment of Kjeld Rask is a natural step of Skau Reipurth’s growth journey and supports our continued goal to deliver dedicated legal advice at the highest level. At the same time, it is a step to further strengthen the professionalization of our administrative procedures. Having the overall responsibility for the day-to-day operations and management of Skau Reipurth, Kjeld is to contribute to the strengthening and further development of the firm. We have spent much time identifying the right profile, and we believe, without a doubt, that Kjeld is the right match for the position as CEO.

Kjeld Rask has considerable experience working in the cross field of board, staff functions and other fee earners, and he has great experience executing growth strategies. The combination of his extensive financial understanding and general understanding of people is fundamental to the results that Kjeld is to help making.

I am very happy to join Skau Reipurth as CEO, and I look forward to contributing to the firm’s continued growth. Focusing on management, strategy and development I am to contribute to the strengthening and further development of the firm in an internal and external perspective, while I ensure that the very special set of values – which I consider one of the reasons that Skau Reipurt is such a strong and sound law firm today – is maintained irrespective of our future positive growth curve,

says Kjeld Rask.

For further information, please contact attorney and partner Jeppe Reipurth ( / +45  38411443) or CEO Kjeld Rask ( / +45 92153846).


Jeppe Reipurth

Jeppe Reipurth

Attorney of the Danish High Courts, Partner

Peter Skau-Andersen

Peter Skau-Andersen

Attorney of the Danish Supreme Court, Partner