Skau Reipurth anbefalet af Chambers Europe i 2022


2022-placeringerne er netop blevet offentliggjort, og vi er glade for at kunne meddele, at Skau Reipurth endnu en gang er optaget i Chambers Europe – denne gang inden for Entrepriseret og Fast Ejendom, Insolvens og Rekonstruktion samt Ansættelsesret.

Se vores ratede afdelinger og advokater her.

Entrepriseret og Fast Ejendom
Chambers Europe placerer Skau Reipurth i Band 2 inden for området Entrepriseret og Fast Ejendom, og klienter understreger:

Skau Reipurth is well placed in the Danish construction market, often advising on various large-scale infrastructure construction projects. The team also handles the construction of telecommunications networks and mixed-purpose buildings with expertise in the negotiations of construction and especially turnkey contracts. Furthermore, the firm convinces with its strength in arbitrations and litigations pertaining to complications in large construction projects. Construction companies, real estate developers and international private equity houses frequently seek the firm’s excellent services.

Represented GVL Entreprise in various arbitrations including a construction related dispute with Rygårdscentret Nursing Home.

Advokat Peter Dianati er optaget som ”Ranked Lawyer” i Band 2:

Peter Dianati is known for his expertise in complex construction mandates ranging from arbitrations to the negotiation of turnkey contracts for the construction of multi-purpose buildings.

Vivi Klient Larsen er endvidere optaget som ”Ranked Lawyer” i Band 3:

Vivi Klink Larsen enters the rankings following her growing presence in the Danish construction scene. She regularly advises on complex building and infrastructure construction projects with further expertise in arbitrations. Clients describe Vivi Klink Larsen as “knowledgeable, friendly and sensible and she understands the difference between what we might like and what might be practical.

Insolvens og Rekonstruktion
Skau Reipurths insolvens- og rekonstruktionsafdeling er optaget i Band 3, og klienter understreger:

The legal team have the ability of getting the job done even against all odds. Even in complex matters they keep focus on the end goal and achieve positive result.

Skau Reipurth is best known for its work as bankruptcy trustees, receiving regular appointments by several larger Danish banks. The law firm acts on insolvencies across a range of sectors including construction, food and beverages, and retail. The practice also represents creditors in debt recovery proceedings.

En anden klient sætter pris på Skau Reipurths:

…ability to execute cases in narrow timeframes.

Chambers Europe placerer Skau Reipurth i Band 4 inden for Ansættelsesret, og klienter pointerer:

Skau Reipurth Advokatpartnerselskab is adept at handling employment contract negotiations and well versed in assisting with disputes regarding collective agreements and wrongful terminations. The team’s client roster includes companies in the shipping, healthcare and energy sectors.

Skau Reipurth Advokatpartnerselskab assisted United International Pictures with the termination of employees.

Siden 2012 har Skau Reipurth opnået international faglig anerkendelse og anbefalinger. Disse anbefalinger er siden blevet fastholdt og udbygget yderligere i takt med vores løbende vækst og udvidelse af strategiske fokusområder.

Vi er stolte af anerkendelsen, som understøtter vores mission om at kombinere den allerhøjeste faglighed med en kompromisløs integritet med afsæt i vores kerneværdier: Faglighed, dedikation og resultater.

Chambers Europe er et af verdens mest prestigefyldte ratingbureauer, der gennem interviews med advokater og klienter beskæftiger sig med at anbefale advokatfirmaer i det meste af verden.


Vivi Klink Larsen

Vivi Klink Larsen

Advokat (L), partner

Peter Dianati

Peter Dianati

Advokat, partner