Skau Reipurth featured in International Insolvency & Restructuring Report 2021/2022


Skau Reipurth has contributed to International Insolvency & Restructuring Report 2021/2022. The report provides a global guide to the insolvency and restructuring marketplace in times of the COVID-19 crisis.

Danish businesses facing financial difficulties can either negotiate an out-of-court solution with all or part of their creditors, file for bankruptcy or file for in-court restructuring proceedings. The in-court restructuring proceedings have recently been updated to support the restructuring of businesses considering the financial challenges following the Coronavirus epidemic.

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The article “Restructuring under Danish law with most recent amendments” is, among others, written by attorney Anders Ørskov Melballe.

The article provides a thorough overview to matters such as Danish in-court restructuring proceedings and amendments to the restructuring rules and their importance.

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Anders Ørskov Melballe

Anders Ørskov Melballe

Attorney of the Danish High Courts, partner