Skau Reipurth contributes to Legal 500’s Comparative Guides within Construction


Is jurisdiction a common law or civil law jurisdiction? Who are the typical parties to a construction and engineering project? And what are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the construction sector in your jurisdiction? These are some of the legal questions that attorney and partner Peter Dianati and senior associate Robert M. Busk shed light on when they in Legal 500’s Q&A within construction provide a thorough overview to construction laws and regulations that may occur in Denmark.

The guide is written by attorney and partner Peter Dianati and senior associate Robert M. Busk. Through 28 questions they clarify the legal framework and key issues surrounding construction law in Denmark.

Legal 500’s guides are comparative descriptions of legislation in various jurisdictions written by people whom Legal 500 has identified as legal experts in each jurisdiction and legal area.

Legal 500 is a London-based firm that ranks law firms in most of the world. They recommend law firms in more than 100 countries and have done so for more than 20 years. The recommendations are made on the basis of interviews with law firms and inquiries to clients.

We are very proud that Legal 500 has identified Skau Reipurth as one of the leading experts within construction law in Denmark.


Peter Dianati

Peter Dianati

Attorney, Partner

Robert Mathias Busk

Robert Mathias Busk

Attorney, Senior Associate